Texas Boxing Scouting Report Part 1

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In the first of the three-part series. We show fighters just getting there feet wet in the boxing games. Most are kept active against lesser competition learning the ins and out of the pro game. Potential is there for these up and coming fighters but stern tests down the line will show if a world champ comes out of this bunch of up and coming Texans.

Vergil Ortiz (8-0, 8 kos)
A pro for a year in a half he got picked up Golden Boy promotions and has appeared on few larger shows on the undercards. At only 19 he is showing a strong punch. While he has had early nights with quick knockouts, legit skill has still overmatched better pro competition. With 5 fights in 2017 activity will provide opportunity for growth.

Joshua Franco (13-0, 6 kos)
5 fights in 2017 was a great way to showcase growth in his pro game. At 22 years old, he is still years away from his prime. Fighting in a weight class that tends to be overlooked he will be pushed quick into a bigger fight to capture a belt at the super flyweight division. I look for a 2018 to end with a minor championship belt with a big fight in 2019

Hector Tanajara (11-0, 4kos)
While 4 knockouts won’t show his true offense potential. It’s been his boxing skill and learning within fights that has received more attention. At 5’10” he stands high over most in fighters in the division. For him staying in shape and younger on his skill set at a higher level will prove if he ends up with world class potential. Another year of 8 and 10 rounders will be a great advancement in his young career.

Alex Rincon (3-0, 3 kos) and George Rincon (3-0, 1 ko)
Having gotten the attention of Golden Boy matchmakers 2018 will be one of activity in growth. While George should be moved quicker Alex will be moved at a similar pace with his potential pushing for backing. The Rincon brothers are a tandem of fighters you should watch out for and expect to get plenty of work in 2018.

Adrian Taylor (6-0, 3 kos)
4 fights a year is a good pace for a second-year pro, But at 27 years of age his development will need to show signs of a breakthrough this year. 2018 will need to be a busy year for the Mesquite native.

Marlen Esparaza (4-0)
The lone woman on list made her pro debut in March followed by large audience fights on both Mexican holidays. Four wins in 2017 helped her get accustomed to the Pro boxing game. At 28 years of age, she will be pushed further into the top-level skill talent fights the woman’s fight game is still in a less than stellar phase.

Brandon Figueroa (14-0, 9 kos)
An active 4 fights in 2017 with the last two wins against stern foes has put the younger Figueroa on the course toward bigger and better fights. Being pushed rather quickly for his age 21 his 2018 starts on February 10th against (8-1) Adam Lopez. Expect to see him often on the Fox Sports outlet.

Jesse Angel Hernandez (11-1, 7 kos)
The year to remember on the local level was his as he pulled out two large wins against stiff comparable competition on a larger showcase scene. Wins in august and November set up a co-main event slot on Showtime against Ernesto Garza III (9-2). A solid split decision victory moves him toward a meaningful fight sometime in 2018. Signing to a promoter (Salita Promotions) that plans to keep him active is key in his development.

Ernesto Delgadillo (9-0-2, 2 kos)
At the flyweight level fights are hard to come by. Two fights in 2017 a draw against an 8-1 Waldemar Pagan was a good lesson. But passing a legit test in a UD win against (11-1) Bryan Aquino. Look for someone to pick him up and give him a chance in a thin but thickening division.

Hector Valdez (9-0, 7 kos)
Taking a step back in 2017, two wins against less than average competition left a lot to be desired. After a 2016 that had a highlight career win against a 17-win veteran, he will have to start anew on building a foundation that was a hot commodity as he turned pro.

Fernando Garcia (7-0, 3 kos)
While picking up two wins at a local level. The 29-yr. old will have to make up ground and push for a larger meaningful fight if he is to reach any type contender status. That said the skill is there for a shot at a legit dream.

Over all 2017 was a great year for local fighters’ jump starting their careers. While others dried off their toes from a heavy 2016 as they got their feet wet. As you can see above there is plenty of talent at the beginning stages of their careers. While some may falter to reach the expected potential others will rise in skill sets and provide long term crowd pleasing entertainment.

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