Roy Jones Jr. Promotions Returns to the Valley with a Scorching Good Card

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Roy Jones Jr. Promotions Returns to the Valley with a Scorching Good Card 

July 15, 2017

By Lu Quezada

Twitter: @lu_lovesboxing

IG: luquezada05

Photo credit: @artie0510

Chandler, AZ -Tonight’s event brought a stacked card for boxing fans which was also broadcast on the Facebook series FightNight Live. In the main event, undefeated and current champion, John “The Phenom” Vera, Jr. from Fort Worth, Texas (16-0) went to war with Daniel “El Toro” Rosario from Caguas, Puerto Rico (11-2) for the NABA Super Welterweight Title. This was Vera’s third title defense and second time he defended it in the great Valley of the Sun. Vera is currently ranked number 7 by the WBA and number 14 by the WBO. Rosario is no slouch in the ring either. Like Vera, he has 10 KOs under his belt coming into the fight.

The opening round had both boxers exchanging evenly with Rosario landing a few uppercuts and Vera landing a few body shots. In round 2, Vera landed a good clean right on Rosario early on and in the middle of the round. In round 3, both Vera and Rosario were slugging hard, with Vera landing more clean shots. Both of these boxers certainly have a chin and very similar styles. I saw the fight even throughout the remaining rounds with Vera slightly ahead. The bout went to the scorecards and the judges had it 95-95 x1 and 96-94 x2 giving a Majority Decision to “the Phenom”. John told the fans he feels good about his performance and that he had to put the pressure on his opponent and also he showed that he can take a punch. John said he wants anyone in the top 5 and would like another title fight.

In the co-main event, former WBA World Champion, Rico Ramos from Watts, CA (27-5) went to battle with Tony Lopez also from Fort Worth, Texas (12-2) for the vacant NABA Super Bantamweight Title. At the opening of the bell, Lopez came charging and striking immediately at Ramos. In round 2, Lopez showed control and confidence as he landed accurately on Ramos. It was apparant that Ramos’ punches were not affecting Lopez too much and he appeared to be working harder to land on Lopez. In round 5, Ramos seemed to be picking up the pace and he and Lopez were going toe to toe throughout this round. In round 9, both Ramos and Lopez landed a few hard shots. In the final round for the title, Ramos came out hitting Lopez hard and Lopez slipped momentarily and got the 8 count. In the final minute, Lopez took a few hard rights from Ramos and the bout went to the cards. The judges scored it 98-91 x2 and 99-90 x1 by Unanimous Decision for Rico Ramos. Rico Ramos said he thanks God, his team and his family and that he feels he did “ok”, and that Tony was a tough opponent. “There is nowhere to go, but to the top.”

There were five exciting bouts in the undercard portion of the event, including the rematch between Max “the Baby Face Assassin” Ornelas from Las Vegas, NV (8-0) and Leopoldo Martinez from Laredo, TX (6-0), which ended in a technical draw during their last bout due to a headbutt.

Ornelas came in with the reach advantage and was landing cleanly with the jab on Ornelas in round 1. In round 2, Martinez was cutting off the ring but Ornelas continued to work the jab. In round 5, the two went toe to toe exchanging several blows until Martinez took a knee, getting up just before the final count only to go down for a final time. At 2:23 into round 5, the fight was declared a TKO in favor of Ornelas. After the fight, Onelas said that he owes a lot to his family, to his parents and his older brother teaches him how to be composed and well mannered.

Abel Ramos Casa Grande, AZ (17-2) v Emmanuel Robles San Diego, CA (15-2) Welterweight

In round 1, Robles was warned for hitting low. In round 2, Robles came forward throwing many uppers and body shots and opened up a cut under Ramos’ left eye. In round 3, Robles continued to focus on Ramos’ left eye by continuously throwing jabs. So far, Robles controlled the fight making Ramos miss many of his punches and continued to focus on the left eye of Ramos. By the end of round 4, Ramos was making a come back and the fans were eating it up. In round 5, Ramos was landing many clean shots on Robles as he appeared to be slowing down. In round 6, Ramos hit Robles with a hard right and Robles took a knee. The referee stopped the fight and Ramos won by TKO.

Randy “El Matador” Moreno Las Vegas, NV (8-1) v Ivan “La Somba” De La Madrid Phoenix, AZ (4-1) Super Featherweight

The fans went wild for La Somba and were obviously looking forward to this bout. In round 1, Moreno caught “La Somba” De La Madrid a few times but he also had the reach advantage. La Somba did a good job getting in to land and moving out quickly. In round 2, Moreno knocked La Somba back hard but he regained composure and came back quickly. In the last 20 seconds of the round La Somba began bleeding from the nose as the two warriors went toe toe. In round 5, Moreno hit La Somba with a right and he stumbled down to the mat. La Somba managed to get to his feet and continue fighting, but the referee saw that he should not continue. The official time of the stoppage was 1:15 seconds in round 5. El Matador was declared the winner by TKO.

Vernon “Sub Zero” Brown Chicago, IL (4-0) v Daniel “Little Boy” Castro, Jr. Durango, MX (2-0) Welterweight

In the first round, Castro slipped in the first moments while trying to get out of the way from Brown’s fierce uppercut. Castro did a good job of causing Brown to miss many punches from landing on him and clearly did his homework regarding Brown’s style, except in the last seconds of the first round Castro walked right into Brown’s left and went down. In round 2, Brown cornered Castro and hit him with an uppercut and Castro took a knee. Brown was on the hunt and clearly Castro was his prey and once again Brown landed another left on Castro. In this round, Brown had a similar style to Mike Tyson, walking up close to Castro and looking to land uppercuts. At 2:07 into the third round, Brown landed a hard right on Castro, resulting in a KO. Brown told the fans he wants to be a world champion one day. He is working hard for his wife and kids and he is willing to fight whoever they put in front of him.

Guillermo Dighero, Jr. Phoenix, AZ (Debut) v. Jordan Alvarado El Paso, TX (0-2) Lightweight

In the first bout of the evening, fellow zoni, Dighero did a good job cutting off the ring and controlled much of the first round by throwing and landing more than Alvarado. In round 2, Alvarado appeared to have suffered a low blow but did not take any time to recover and kept going. In round 3, Dighero continued to outpoint Alvarado and Dighero was warned for a low blow. In the 4th and final round, Dighero continued to land more on Alvarado and although there was no knockdown, Dighero clearly outpointed Alvardo during the entire bout. The judges agreed and scored it 39-37 x1 and 40-36 x 2 in favor of Dighero by unanimous decisión. To the fans, Dighero said, “Phoenix, I love you. Expect much, much more to come in the future.”

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