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How is Training Camp Going?

Tino: Camp Is Going Good, I’m Still Training In Vacaville, While I’m Conditioning In Martinez

Assess Your Performance From Your Last Fight?

Tino: I Honestly Wasn’t Focused, I Was There For The Pay day. I had a lot going on at the time and my focus was elsewhere. 

Many critics think you lost your last fight…

Tino: You will always have critics, everyone will talk, everyone has something to say. 

Tell me about your last opponent, why did he give you such a hard time?

Tino: He was aggressive something I’ve never seen before, He was fighting completely different than the footage we saw of him. I did enough to beat him, this is boxing you’re here to score points to win, that’s exactly what I did. You can box your opponent for 8 rounds and the next 4 you can lay off, or as everyone will call it “Running”. In the end if you score enough points your going to walk away the winner, no matter what anyone thinks. 

How did this fight with JoJo Diaz come together?

Tino: This was a fight I’ve always wanted. I got the call from Golden Boy, they offered JoJo and another option but I didn’t let them finish with the other option I immediately said yes to a fight with JoJo. I’ve been asking for this fight for a while, but Golden Boy always said they would try to build it up as a super fight. This fight happening quicker than anyone expected. 

Going into this fight you’re the Underdog, give me your thoughts on that?

Tino: This isn’t the first time I’m going into a fight as a the Underdog. I’ve proven everyone wrong many times before, and May 6th I’m taking out Golden Boy’s Future superstar. 

How do you plan on dealing with JoJo’s somewhat awkward style?

Tino: We’re preparing well For JoJo, the key to defeating him is by applying constant pressure.

JoJo’s speed is always a topic of conversation, can you cope with his speed?

Tino: I match JoJo in speed, I’m just as fast as he is. I think my speed is quicker than is.

There’s talk that this fight could steal the show and be the fight of the night?

Tino: We’re both skilled fighters that can brawl and box, it’s an even fight. This will be a very competitive fight from the first bell to the last bell. 

There’s Pros and Cons to this fight whether you win or you lose, if you win what does this mean for your career?

Tino: I’m not looking ahead, my mindset is on JoJo. We’re not taking him lightly, we’re taking this one step at a time. I never have the mindset of a possibility of losing, but if that were to happen I want to go out fighting.. I’m training hard and giving 100% everyday In the gym. If the loss happens, I still want it to be a hard fought fight, but I’m focused and defeat is far from a thought at this point. 

You’ll he opening up the Canelo-Chavez card how big is this for you?

Tino: It’s cool just to be fighting in Vegas, I’ve never fought In Vegas, there’s no extra pressure fighting on PPV. I’ll be giving it my all, it’s Cinco De Mayo so it’s an honor to be fighting that day. 

Can you give me an prediction for the main event itself Canelo-Chavez?

Tino: Whoever has the bigger heart will win, I’ve been saying this fight has the potential to become a great trilogy. 

Lastly, Do you have anything to say to the fans?

Tino: Whoever said they weren’t buying the PPV, this fight will be a war so be sure to buy the PPV! 


Q&A By Damian Medina



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