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April 26th, 2017 Reno NV- Our very own Damian Medina, caught up with Prospect Angel Cordon In preparation for his upcoming Pro Debut.  Here’s the exchange:


How’s training going?

Angel: Training is going great, we’re ready for May 5th

Are you Preparing differently for your pro debut, than you would prepare for an amateur fight?

Angel: Yes, we’re training harder, longer and physically we’re raising the pace.

Tell me a bit about yourself?

Angel: I’m 17, I’ve been boxing for about 10-11 years. I’m a 5 time national amateur champion, I’ve Boxed for team USA. I left the amateurs ranked #1 in the US, and ranked #6 in the world at my weight. 

Why are you becoming a professional at the age of 17?

Angel: I’ve been an amateur for a long time, the amateur system is not ran very well, I’ve been  robbed a couple times and I was just ready to leave that behind, and become a pro. 

Working with The WBC continental America’s champion Andy Vences, how has this helped you in preparation for your pro debut?

Angel: I haven’t really sparred Andy, but training with him every day motivates me. Seeing everything he does keeps me going. If I’m tired I look over and see Andy pushing himself and it motivates me to work just as hard. 

For those who don’t know you, can you tell me what kind of style you bring into the ring, and what current fighter would you compare yourself to?

Angel: I can do it all, I box, I counter punch, I can fight on the inside. I mix all styles into one, I come to any fight prepared for anything. We’re ready for any style the opponent may bring. As far as comparing myself to anyone I can’t, I’m myself. 

Growing up what fighter did you look up to?

Angel: Floyd Mayweather, Canelo and Sugar Ray Leonard. I feel that I’ve taken a bit from each fighter and watching them has helped me mold myself into the type of fighter I am.

How did you get into boxing?

Angel: one day my dad took me into the gym, pretty much I wasn’t asked if I wanted to box I was told, “look this is what your going to do “. I grew up in a boxing family and fortunately when I began boxing I was good at it. 

How do you balance boxing while still being in high school?

Angel: My days are busy, but we make it work

In school do your friends and teachers know about your pro debut coming up?

Angel: yeah, they know some teachers bring it up, and friends as well. I don’t really tell anybody or bring it up. Some friends will be making the trip from Martinez to Reno for the fight. 

What’s your take on Bay Area Boxing?

Angel: Andre Ward, Andy Vences, and Tino Avila are all the main focus right now. I want to be the one that brings up the Bay area. Myself and Gabe Flores Jr are what’s next. 

You are not officially signed to Top Rank, so what do you have to do in order to secure a spot on their roster?

Angel: I have to get them interested, I have to put on a great display. 

Can you sell yourself to the fans in terms of eventually being a big name?

Angel: Yes, I have the skills, the boxing part will always be there. I’m a cool person, I can talk but I prefer to sell myself boxing wise. I want to have people talking saying “hey who’s that guy knocking people out”. 

What is your goal in the sport? What would you like to accomplish?

Angel: I want to stack up world titles, but first my main priority is my debut? 

Lastly, why should the fans watch your debut?

Angel: Watch this fight because, I’m here to impress everyone and make a name for myself. May 5th will be the start of something legendary. 


Q&A by Damian Medina


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