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Damian Medina had an opportunity to speak to Oscar “Jaguar” Negrete, ahead of his May 5th bout in Las Vegas.  Here’s the exchange,

How’s Training?

Oscar: Training is done, the hard part is out of the way now it’s just about making weight. 

Any changes in camp?

Oscar: Nothing major, just been perfecting my defense. I’ve been in camp since January, I was supposed to fight Randy Caballero March 23, that fight fell through and we were given the date of May 5th.

Training at The Rock with Manny Robles, has changed you dramatically can you tell me about the changes?

Oscar: This will be my 3rd fight with professor Manny, I came to him with an aggressive fighting style which is all I knew. Manny has taught me defense and how to properly use the ring and movements to box smart. 

Give me your thoughts on being able to train at The Rock with Manny Robles, and the champions he trains.

Oscar: It’s a blessing being able to work with all those guys, I’m able to train with the best trainer in boxing and I frequently spar with Oscar Valdez, Jessie Magdaleno, and Michael Conlan. 

How do you feel about fighting May 5th?

Oscar: It’s an honor to fight May 5th, I know it’s a big Mexican holiday and Mexicans are the best boxing fans. They always support me and they all enjoy my fighting style. 

How have you been preparing for this fight, given that this is your toughest fight to date?

Oscar: I’m fighting a very experienced fighter, he is very very aggressive, but I believe all the work I’ve been putting in the gym will pay off, I’m looking to make a statement come Friday night. 

What do you know about your opponent?

Oscar: I’ve only seen his record, and previous footage. I know he recently stopped Vic Darchinyan. He has an aggressive style but we both love to stand and trade, I believe I’m going to take him out. It’s been my time to prove to everyone that Im ready for anyone in the top 10.

At the age of 29 your still considered a prospect  although most prospects are very young, does this bother you at all?

Oscar: Not at all, I believe that I’m past being a prospect I consider myself a contender. May 5th will show everyone why I’m a serious name at my weight class. I know coming out victorious Friday night will only lead to bigger things. 

Being 29, and not having a big resume what is your goal In Boxing realistically?

Oscar: same as its always been, I want to be a world champion. 

Can you tell me a bit about boxing In Colombia?

Oscar: Boxing in Colombia isn’t very big. I’ve always believed that to succeed in this sport you have to leave Colombia. Champions from Colombia have always won belts by luck. 

You were Ringside recently for Oscar Valdez vs Miguel Marriaga, tell me your thoughts on Marriaga performance.

Oscar: Miguel and I, are really good friends we used to box for the Colombian National team so seeing how far he’s made it was a great thing to see. I feel it was a close fight, but ultimately my training partner Oscar Valdez won the fight because he was more aggressive, and was able to knock down Miguel. I feel Miguel lacked ambition, he was content on just making this a close fight. 

Seeing your friend Miguel Marriaga fight for a world title was a great moment for both of you, did this motivate you?

Oscar: Of course it did, this shows you that we come from a country where boxing isn’t very big and we’ve capitalized on every opportunity given to us. Now I believe it’s my turn not only to fight for a world title, but to become champion. 

Can you give me your prediction for the forthcoming Canelo-Chavez bout?

Oscar: I believe Canelo will win this fight, if Canelo wins it’ll be by decision. He’s a much faster and more complete fighter. 

Lastly, what can you say about yourself to anyone who hasn’t seen you Fight?

Oscar: I’m a good fighter with a fan friendly style. I’m coming in Friday night to show everyone who Oscar Negrete is, this is a must watch fight. Both my opponent and I are coming in to make a statement which will lead to a war in the ring, be sure to watch my fight May 5th 


Reporting by Damian Medina


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