L.A Fight Club- Rene “Gemelo” Alvarado upsets Previously Unbeaten Roger “The Kid” Gutierrez

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Friday July 14th, Los Angeles CA- Another edition of Golden Boy Promotions’ staple series LA Fight Club, brought out a large crowd to the Belasco Theater to take in some exciting matches featuring some top prospects in the stable.  Headlining this edition was unbeaten Featherweight Roger “The Kid” Gutierrez from Maracaibo Venezuela, taking on tough experienced veteran Rene “Gemelo” Alvarado from Managua Nicaragua.

The fight began with both fighters tentatively searching for openings on their opponent.  Trying to pick their shots as Gutierrez, naturally being the taller man attempted to use his length to keep Alvarado at bay.  Alavarado however, used his smaller stature to his advantage by keeping his center of gravity low and use Gutierrez attacks to swoop in, penetrate and land heavy shots.  The exchanges seemed well thought out, as in the first 2 rounds both fighters had success with their combinations.

However Alavarado seemed to be dictating the pace of the fight, with fierce combinations that were bred by counterpunching.  Conviction was the name of the game and both fighters showed nothing less, but Alvarado was stealing the show.  Alvarado had found success on the inside through the middle rounds, where Gutierrez seemed to grow increasingly desperate.  By the end of the 7th round, Gutierrez’ corner had seen enough hard punches landed on their fighter and decided to stop the fight.  Rene “Gemelo” Alvarado upsets Gutierrez, takes the TKO victory and improves to 26-8 (18 KO’s).

The co main event featured Featherweight and unbeaten prospect Edgar “Kid Neza” Valerio 11-0 (6 KO’s) as he faced Jairo “Peligroso” Ochoa 18-2 (9 KO’s).  Ochoa proved to be exactly what his nickname describes “Dangerous”, as Valerio saw himself involved in a strenuously tough fight from beginning to end.  As Valerio began to employ his distance and using a subtle jab, Ochoa kept finding a way inside to land heavy shots on him.  The match turned aggressive on both sides and by the end of the first round, Valerio landed a hard left shot that dropped Ochoa.  Ochoa bounced back in the 2nd round and kept on pressing.

As Ochoa stood strong and put together combinations, he landed a hard right that dropped Valerio.  As Valerio responded, he put his own shots together to drop Ochoa for the second time.  Through the middle rounds the fight tightened up as Valerio found it difficult to keep Ochoa at a distance as the latter seemed to always find a way inside and unload artillery on Valerio.  The exchanges came often and quite evenly, as Valerio attempted to once again box, Ochoa maintained the pressure and inside game, landing hard shots.  This proved to be Valerio’s toughest test and at the end of the fight the scores were a doubtful 80-71 x2 and 79-72 all for Edgar Valerio.

In earlier action, Joshua Franco defeated Antonio Rodriguez to improve to 12-0 (6 KO’s) and Cristobal Ortiz out of Westside Boxing got the KO victory over Ronald Rodriguez.



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