Jorge Linares Squeezes Through Luke Campbell, Calls Out Mikey Garcia

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Photo Courtesy: Tom Hogan/Golden Boy Promotions


Saturday September 23rd, 2017- Los Angeles, CA~ Golden Boy Promotions returned to the Forum in Inglewood to present a bout card headlined by WBA/The Ring Lightweight Champion, Jorge “El Niño de Oro” Linares 42-3 (27 KO’s) from Barinas, Venezuela.  His opponent, contender and rugged Luke Campbell 17-1 (14 KO’s) from the United Kingdom.

The fight began with both fighters in the “feel out” stage, testing each other with single shots to see if the other took the bait.  Linares quietly stalked Campbell with a subtle check jab, as Campbell attempted to box and counter off Linares’ momentum.  In the 2nd round, Linares landed a series of shots capped by a hard straight right to drop Campbell to the canvas.  Campbell came out in the 3rd round with the will to attack and not relent despite being dropped at the end of the 2nd round.  As Campbell stood his ground and boxed, Linares put together yet more combinations that found their target.

Linares’ gained yet more momentum leading in the 4th round, his shots became more assertive against a Campbell that never backed down.  The 5th round presented an opportunity for Campbell to land some hard shots on Linares, but the latter had an answer for every single one.  The Body work by Linares became increasingly effective as he employed it with more frequency.  As Linares mixed up his jab both to the body of Campbell and upstairs, he found more openings that served his purpose.  Campbell brought out the artillery in the 7th round yet again, and found a home for his quick right hook.  As Linares answered with hooks to the body of Campbell, the fight turned into a back and forth assault.  Although by the 9th round the fight was action packed it never became an all out slugfest, both fighters employed strategy behind every shot.

Linares remained the aggressor in the 10th round, popping off shots as Campbell pranced around yet connecting counters of his own.  Campbell seemed to get back in the fight by the start of the 12th round, going right after  Linares in the center of the ring.  After 12 rounds of methodical aggression by both fighters, Jorge Linares gets the split Decision victory with scores of 114-113 and 115-112 with one judge scoring it for Campbell 115-113.

After the fight, Linares shared the following: “I fought very well. I’m happy with the fight. At the fifth round, we had some trouble but we came out on top. Trust me, I have a great connection with my team and with my trainer, so we worked hard and kept at it. I knew I had to let the dogs out. We want Mikey Garcia next.” 

Interesting to see what unfolds, as the war of words between Linares and Mikey Garcia gets under way.  With Mikey still looking for a stable, it is not out of the question that this fight Can be made given the parties can reach an agreement.  Many believe that at this point in his career, Linares has no business calling out the younger seemingly “more gifted” Garcia.  But in a boxing world filled with criticism about fighters “Ducking” each other, this counters that notion and allows for  2 champions to clash and decide the fate of their journeys.

The co main event featured Lightweight Romero Duno 14-1 (13 KO’s) from the Philippines, as he took on Juan Sanchez 29-13 (14 KO’s) from Tabasco, Mexico.  Duno was fresh off two KO victories against Christian “Chimpa” Gonzalez and Jason Tinampay.  As the early rounds played on, Duno was the aggressor as Sanchez looked to find his rhythm by establishing a jab to keep Duno at bay.  Duno often found a home for his crisp combinations, as Sanchez occasionally switched the flow and countered with solitary shots.

Sanchez found success when leading with the crisp jab, but Duno’s combinations were assertive and often ended with a hard straight right power shot landing for his cause.  Through the middle rounds, Sanchez’s jab was allowing him to get off clean shots that found their target.  Duno never relented, and kept combinations on call and at his disposal.  After 8 hard fought rounds, Romero Duno gets the Unanimous Decision with scores of 78-74 X3.

In earlier night action, Azat Hovhannisyan 12-2 (10 KO’s) from Los Angeles, CA was involved in an all out slugfest versus Sergio Frias from Guadalajara, Mexico.  This fight was a basic all out gun show, as both fighters unleashed their full artillery at almost every second of every round.  Defensively it left much to be desired, but in an age of a preference for violent encounters in the squared circle, it satisfied the crowd.  After 10 rounds of action the scores were 100-90 X2 and 98-92 for Azat Hovhannisyan.

Abraham “Chamaco” Lopez gets the KO victory when Isao Carranza failed to answer the bell for the 4th round.  Rafael “El Alikin” Gramajo  improves to 9-1-1 (2KO’s) with a Unanimous Decision victory over Pedro Melo.




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