IronBoy Promotions Brings a Sizzling Card to Fans To Match Its Hot Valley Climate

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Iron Boy Promotions Brings a Sizzling Card to Fans To Match Its Hot Valley Climate

By Lu Quezada
Twitter: @lu_lovesboxing
IG: luquezada05

June 24, 2017

With the temperatures tipping the thermostats at nearly 120 degrees on their worst days yet so far this summer, valley folks are looking for any place to cool off. If you’re a boxing fan, you came out to a nicely air conditioned theatre and were treated to 7 exciting professional bouts with tonight’s boxing card. At least 4 of these bouts featured local fighters and 2 were the more rarely seen heavyweight bouts, especially on one fight card. Now, onto the highlights of the night.

Nick Guivas (13-5-2) vs BJ “El Peligroso” Flores (33-3-1) (Heavyweight)
Ranked #10 in the world heavyweight, BJ “El Peligroso” Flores from Phoenix came out immediately aggressive in the first round. BJ landed many body shots on Guivas and when he finally tried to show some aggression and threw a jab, BJ countered with a hard right that staggered him back. In Round 3, Guivas came out with some agression and BJ threw a hard power shot followed by a few body shots. Flores continued to throw body shots, jabs and power shots while Guivas threw very little in this round. The 4th round was probably the worst yet for Guivas who took the hardest of Flores’ power punches during this mostly lopsided fight so insofar. In the 5th round, Guivas was merely touching Flores and then walking around the ring until there was a low blow and Guivas took a minute to rest. Flores said, “come on baby” and the two picked up where they left off, with Flores mainly beating up on Guivas, with the worst of it in the final seconds of the round. In the final round, Flores continued to follow Guivas around the ring while the crowd chanted “BJ” and Flores threw body and head shots while Guivas looked like a school boy getting picked on by the bully. UD for BJ Flores.

Vladimir Hernandez (8-2) vs Daniel “El Chapulin” Valdivia (14-0)
In the Co Main Event, also from Phoenix, El Chapulin took on Hernandez from Colorado. At the end of round one, Hernandez landed a right on Valdivia that staggered him back and then continued to land, but the bell ended the Predaors assault on El Chapulin. Once again in Round 2 El Chapulin walked into another right but showed good defense covering well. Chapulin came back landing cleanly a few times throughout the round. In round 3, both fighters were warned for boxing too low. Although Hernandez was throwing more, these were not clean shots and Chapulin landed 3 hard shots on Hernandez. In round 4, Chapulin and Hernandez continued to exchange and both were warned to watch ther heads. Chapulin landed a hard right on Hernandez that staggered him backwards. In round 5, the crowd was yelling “Vamos Chapulin” but Hernandez was picking up the pace and throwing more. In round 7, Chapulin was warned for hitting low and Hernandez was beginning to get tired. In the 8th round Chapulin was moving about the ring a bit more in the beginning and Hernandez was cutting the ring and continuing to throw more. It was a close fight, with Chapulin throwing more in the beginning of the fight, but it was Hernandez’ constant activity that won him the UD, and Chapulin took the first loss of his career.

Adam Stewart (3-0) vs Michael Smith (Las Vegas) (Heavyweight)
The crowd went crazy for Phoenix’ own,”Made in America” Adam Stewart as he did his ringwalk wearing his trunk colors of the USA. It was very clear from the reaction he envoked from the fans that he is definately a favored fighter here in Phoenix. For his opponent, Michael Smith, he moved around quite a bit for a heavyweight, and maybe too much because he walked right into a hard right that staggered him back almost immediately into the beginning of the bout. Smith seemed to have no technique, no defense and helicopter arms. All that moving around was gassing him out as well and it was clear that he probably wasn’t going to last very long against Stewart and he was lucky that the bell rang because Stewart almost had him at the end of the first round. In round 2, Stewart landed uppers and a body shot that Smith could not endure and he took a knee and then two, onto the canvas. Stewart was sure he had the victory while the judge was trying to start his count and direct Stewart to his corner; but the crowd and Stewart already knew it was over. When Smith could not rise from the canvas, indeed Stewart added yet another KO to his undefeated record. When asked why he wears those beautiful colors on his shorts, he said “I wear them for all the soldiers that are protecting us and can’t be here tonight watching boxing.” Stewart will also be back in the ring on September 9, 2017.

Steven Lantry 0-1 vs Edgar “El Torito” Ortiz 4-1 (117)
El Torito demonstrated good defense and about 2:31 seconds into the first round gave Lantry a liver shot that put him down and he wasn’t able to recover. El Torito won by TKO victory. After El Torito took ring pictures, he took his shirt off and threw it out to a lucky fan in the crowd and trust me, there were a lot of people clammering for his shirt! To all the fans that came out tonight El Torito said, “I really appreciate everyone coming out…thank you for the support and I am representing Phoenix, AZ. We are going to keep going all the way to the top.”

Just before the live streamed versión of the event, Adrian “Sharky” Servin came out to the ring to announce that he will be back on September 9, 2017 on the BEIN Sports broadcast in front of the world for all the fans. He was scheduled to fight on this card, but unfortunately his opponent was not ready. Edward Ayala was also scheduled to fight tonight, but his opponent could not make it. He will also be fighting on September 9, 2017 for his first ever televised fight. When asked how he feels about being in his first ever upcoming televised event, Edward said, “I’m excited and I just hope someone shows up to fight.” Both of these fighters are fan favorites here in the Valley of the Sun.
Ryan Riddell (Mesa) 4-0 v Patrick Gutierriez 0-3 (Las Vegas) (125 pounds)
Both fighters gave a great ringwalk which exhibited their respective confidence leading into their 4 round bout. Riddell came in with the reach advantage being the taller fighter. Riddell was more aggressive making use of his advantages by continuously landing on Gutierriez in first round. Riddell is also very fast and just as I was typing these words he had Gutierriez down into the corner taking a knee and wrything in pain while holding his right hand. After he was able to continue, Riddell continued the beat down and Gutierriez took another knee. It was apparernt he had obviously injured his hand or right arm. The bout ended in a TKO victory in Round 2 for “The Notorious” Ryan Riddell.

Brandon Trujillo vs Vernon Brown (152 pounds)
In round one, Vernon Brown landed power punch after power punch. Brown very easily got on the inside throwing uppercuts and landing rights and hard body shots. It was only a matter of time until that KO was coming and then it came just at the end of round 2. Trujillo managed to get up, leaning against the ropes and trying to regain his composure, but the Referee waived off the fight. It was a TKO victory for Vernon Brown who advances with an undefeated record.

Esteban Payan (0-1) vs Daniel Segura (0-1) (160 pounds)
The Valley’s Segura stepped in the ring by way of Sonora, Mexico and came out waving both the Arizona and Mexican flags during his ringwalk (nice touch) for a 4 round bout in the Middleweight división. Both fighters came forward out the gate but Segura landed more clean shots until Payan landed a few good counters. Segura did a good job defensively and also threw many good jabs and uppercuts. At the end of the 2nd round Payan appeared to be a bit gassed. The round came to a close with both fighters going shot for shot. In Round 4, Segura looked eager for a quick ending to the round, but Payan wasn’t giving up yet, by retaliating and throwing a few quick jabs and rights and the crowd went crazy. It was a very close fight and the judges declared the bout a Majority Draw.

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