Iron Boy Promotions Brings On The Heat As The Valley Cools Down

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By Lu Quezada

Twitter: Lu_LovesBoxing

IG: Luquezada05

October 14, 2017

Photo: @artie0510

PHOENIX, AZ – In the opening bout of the evening, Phoenix’, Edward “Nano” Ceballos and California’s Raymond “Bad Boy” Chacon started off the night in the 122 pound division that was slated for 6 rounds. Bad Boy had an interesting fight style and would yell “pop” every time he would hit Ceballos. When Bad Boy cornered Ceballos he got countered by Ceballos with a nice uppercut. Ceballos did a great job walking down Bad Boy and landing jabs and power punches consistently in rounds 1 and 2. In round 2, Bad Boy got more aggressive coming forward and landing hard on Ceballos at the end of the round. Round 3 was the most exciting of the bout when Ceballos had Bad Boy up against the ropes and hit him hard with a body shot that had Bad Boy showing signs of pain. Round 6, there was an accidental head butt and to that end I had Ceballos winning the contest. The judges scored it 59-55, 60-54 (2x) in favor by unanimous decision for Edward “Nano” Ceballos.

Next up in the heavyweight division, was Waldo Cortez from Phoenix and undefeated, Ruben “El Patron” Rivera also from Phoenix went four rounds. From their respective ringwalks, you can see these two had very different styles. Cortez walking out to a gritty rock song and Rivera coming out with a cowboy hat and Banda style music. I knew it was going to be a good bout just from this. From the opening bell, these two tanks came forward, and Cortez was on a mission landing thunderous shots on El patron and keeping him at a distance and even cutting open El Patron’s left eye. The ring doctor looked at Patron’s eye, which was gruesome, but Patron said he can continue. Rounds 2 and 3 Cortez continued the hard shots on El Patron, who is a very tough opponent, but the eye of El Patron was bleeding profusely. In round 3, Cortez hit Patron with a hard right that put him down and Patron received the count. Once it was time in, Cortez went back at El Patron again and down one more time he went. The referee took a point away from Cortez for hitting on the back of the head and this drew boos from the crowd. Moments later Cortez went full ambush again on Patron and the referee stopped the contest. At 2:41 into round 3, Cortez was declared the winner by TKO.

In the Middleweight division, Estevan Payan and Jesus Garcia clashed in an exciting bout. I have now covered Payan a few times and each time I covered, he has lost each of his respective bouts. I have to say, I went into tonight’s card with the hope he will come away with a win. In round 1, there was a lot even exchanges between these two fighters and at one point Garcia stood up against the ropes with his gloves down as if to dare Payan to hit him. These two definitely were having some fun in the ring with each other and in round 2 Garcia missed landing several times on Payan. In Round 3, Payan unleashed an arsenal of shots on Garcia that knocked his mouth piece out of the ring. Payan continued until Garcia finally took a knee. Once it was time in, Garcia was clearly gassed and saved by the bell. In round 4, Garcia was still hurting and I fully did not expect him to last the remainder of the round; all Payan had to do was actually finish Garcia off and the crowd wanted him to do it too. It was then that the referee saw enough and stopped the fight. Estevan Payan won the bout by TKO victory.

In the Super Lightweight division, Jesus Zazueta from Cualican, Mexico and Alfonso Olvera from Phoenix, AZ fought in a 6 round bout. Jesus Zazueta gave Vernon “Sub Zero” Brown a hard time when he last fought. I fully expected to see an even exchange between Olvera, who is known to walk through his opponents, and Zazueta who also has the come forward style. If I was scoring this bout, it would be hard to determine the winner. These two threw and landed such clean shots on each other throughout their bout and other than Zazueta’s swollen left eye and bloody nose, it was that hard to differentiate who was ahead. The turnaround in this bout was going into round 5, as Zazueta’s other eye started to swell he began to miss more shots and Olvera made Zazueta’s head his target, concentrating on both eyes. In the final round, Zazueta was continuing to take Olvera’s onslaught of continuous jabs to the face all the while, Zazueta did not relent in throwing and landing all he could. The judges scored it in favor of Olvera by unanimous decision.

In the lightweight division, Omar Enriquez from Sonora, Mexico and Chris “The Bullett” Scala from Mesa, AZ fought in a four round bout. The celebrity theatre went wild for the bullet when he came to the ring. Clearly, he had a lot of supporters who came out tonight to see him. This bout did not disappoint. It was as if 2 bullets were moving around the ring as each time these two boxers came together they would land furiously on each other and then back away and this was how I saw rounds 1 and 2 of the bout. Going into round 3, Enriquez suffered a minor slip, head butt and bleeding from the left side of his head. The Bullett was warned by the Judge for holding onto Enriquez too much in this round. This would happen each time Enriquez pressured him against the ropes. In the final round, Enriquez went down and lost his mouthpiece. There was a timeout for a new mouthpiece and then the Bullet went all in, attempting to land several shots on Enriquez and Enriquez was defending himself. There was a lot of bloodshed, likely from another accident head butt that caused the Bullett’s left eye to open up. The Judges scored a split decision 39-36 for the Bullett, 38-37 Enriquez and 38-37 the Bullett, giving the decision to Chris “The Bullett” Scala.

In another Middleweight matchup, Matt Murphy and Eben Vargas from Chandler, AZ came together for a 6 round scrap. Round 2, Vargas landed most of the shots thrown and a few uppercuts. I didn’t see Murphy landing too much on Vargas and by round 3 I saw Vargas ahead in the bout. In round 3, Murphy came forward and landed a few body shots on Vargas, and even had him up against the ropes, landing a clean uppercut. This new found aggression was short lived by Murphy, and soon he was back to mostly defending and not throwing and landing too much. In the final round, Murphy was finally coming forward and being the most aggressive he had shown throughout the bout. Finally, putting some pressure on Vargas, going to toe throwing upper cuts, but all the shots he had taken through the fight had him gassed out. The judges had the bout all in favor of Vargas by unanimous decision.

In the featherweight division, Jesus Ibarra from Mesa, Arizona and Joseph Veloz fought in a scheduled 4 round fight. In round 1, Veloz went down three times and the referee ended the bout.

In the flyweight division, California’s Manual Manzo and Luis Espinoza from Mesa, AZ came together for a 4 round battle. After a six month layoff from the ring, and under the continued guise of famed Trainer, Joel Diaz, Espinoza returned to face a tough opponent in Manzo. This is the second time I have seen Manuel Manzo fight whose fight style is that he stays on top of his opponents throwing continuous jabs and uppers. He doesn’t let his opponents breathe. I spoke with Luis Espinoza ahead of this bout at the weigh in, and he had this to say about fighting Manzo:

“We took this fight because of the hard time he gave the last fighter and because he hasn’t been knocked out. He has proven to be a tough opponent.”

In this fight with Espinoza, Manzo’s fight style was no different, however, many of those bombs thrown by Manzo landed on Espinoza’s gloves or were blocked by his great defense. Espinoza landed the more clean shots landing straight uppercuts and body shots, which were consistent throughout the rounds in an exciting scrap. The judges scored a majority decision in favor of Espinoza who continues with an undefeated record.

In the Super Middleweight division, Fidel Hernandez of Phoenix, Arizona and Michael Glenn fought in a scheduled six round battle. Fidel Hernandez returns to the ring after a 16 year layoff. Fidel did a good job of backing Glenn up onto the ropes a few times in round 1. Once up against the ropes he landed uppercuts and body shots that wobbled Glenn on his feet a bit. In round 2, Glenn went down and got the 8 count but was back at it again. In round 3, Glenn went down again from yet another one of Hernandez’ body shots, this time to the liver. The contest was called off by the corner and Hernandez won by TKO.

In the Co-Main event, Francisco Chavez and Adrian “Sharky” Servin from Phoenix, Arizona fought in a 6 round bout. Sharky and Chavez put on a good scrap tonight with some good even exchanges at times. Sharky was able to negotiate his way out when Chavez put him on the ropes by throwing several jabs and that push Chavez back. Going into the 3rd, fans yelled “Sharky” as the dance continued between these two fighters who threw uppercuts and body shots throughout this round. Round 4, Chavez tried to corner Sharky, but he did a great job of getting himself out of the corner and counter punching Chavez. It was really an exciting fight so far. Round 5, began with Chavez trying to land the jab, but Sharky really does a superb job of dodging those upper shots and then countering to the body. Towards the end of the round these two went blow for blow. In the final round, both boxers went toe to toe right up to the end of the round. The judges scored it a split draw.

In the Main event, Super Bantamweight, Carlos Castro from Phoenix, Arizona and Basilio Nieves fought in a scheduled 8 round bout. Nieves was staggered back by a hard right in round 3. This was after Castro had been hitting with the jab for the first 2 rounds. In round 4, Nieves suffered a low blow but did not take any time to rest. Moments later he took a knee from a hard body shot. Castro went in on him again with body shots and down went Nieves a second time for the count. Once Nieves was up again, Castro went in for final assault and gave one final body shot and the referee ended the contest. Carlos Castro was declared the winner by TKO and advances his undefeated record.

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