Fans Say Goodbye To Another Champion As Miguel Cotto Retires From The Ring

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Fans Say Goodbye to Another Champion as Miguel Cotto Retires From The Ring 

By Lu Quezada

December 3, 2017

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Twitter: @lu_lovesboxing

New York, NY. 12/2/17. Miguel Cotto fought his 47th fight of an illustrious career last night against Brooklyn native, Sadam Ali in a close fight in New York’s Madison Square Garden. I say it was a close fight because I saw this bout as mostly 50/50 with Cotto leading slightly for most of the fight. The turn of events occurred somewhere around the ninth round, when Cotto appeared to “lay back”, going into a more of a defensive mode, avoiding most of anything that Ali was throwing and yet Cotto himself did not throw nearly as much as he had in the earlier rounds. In round 10, Cotto suffers a left hook from Ali which he appears to be effected by but is more active than he was in round 9. In rounds 11 and 12, Ali is alive and coming on strong, throwing, landing and backing up Cotto which apparently is enough to tip the scorecards in his favor. The judges score the bought 115-113 2x and 116-112 1x in favor to Sadam Ali for a unanimous decision. It was a great win for Ali who picked up the Junior Middleweight Title. Miguel Cotto, all class, said he had “no excuses, he won the fight”, but admitted he tore his left bicep some time in Round 7. Cotto also missed the post-fight press conference, instead heading to the hospital to have the torn bicep checked. That’s the recap of the fight in a nutshell. Now fans, fellow boxers, members of the industry, including promoters, trainers, cutmen, venues, etc., get to contend with the retirement of yet another champion leaving the ring.

Miguel Cotto has been a force for the last 17 years. Since becoming a new Puerto Rican Boxing star, he has done a lot during those years as a professional boxer. Cotto is the only Puerto Rican boxer to become a champion is 4 weight classes and won 6 world titles. He was a 2000 Olympian. He will be a Boxing Hall of Famer. He was a huge box office draw. He is humble and rarely talked smack about other fighters. He didn’t turn down fights. He respected the sport and sport respected him. This earned respect was evident on social media leading up to the last days before the final bout. Many boxing pages bid farewell to the champion or legend. Other boxers shared their respect and well wishes for the champion. Canelo Alvarez said he did a lot for the sport of boxing, that he learned a lot from their fight and that it was an honor to be in the ring with him. ESPN said he is his generations “best boxers”. He shared the ring with other legends such as Sergio Martinez, Floyd Mayweather, Antonio Margarito and Manny Pacquiao. He was a true warrior and a great competitor. In the end, Miguel Cotto made the most out of a spectacular boxing career and is leaving this great sport with an indelible mark that will not soon be forgotten.

Cheers to you, champion. Thanks for all you have given to the sweet science.

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Lu Quezada

Lu Quezada joined the Tru team in 2015. She is a boxing fan who enjoys covering media events, shooting boxing photos and writing about the sweet science. Follow Lu: Twitter: @lu_lovesboxing IG: luquezada05

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