Familiar Story from a Familiar Fighter- Jesse Angel Hernandez

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A Familiar story from a Familiar Face

The fight game can be strange. It a long story of twist and turns, decisions to make at every corner, and sleepless nights over thoughts about what is to be or what may occur. It’s a profession, it’s a career. Like most careers that take special talent a lot of early parts of your work life is spent giving much more than what you are receiving from it. I think we can all understand that. So maybe it’s not that strange. It’s strange that not enough people support local fighters as the search for dreams that most of us will never even think of trying for.

Growing up in Diamond Hill, our families worked together at the now defunct company called Texas Tanning. They worked hard just like most there, showing up early and leaving late like most families in the neighborhood. My father had a small lifetime there. My brother, uncles and I worked there over the years. So, did the Hernandez family. That’s where I first heard of them. My dad would tell me about the fighting brothers coming for Samson Park, telling me to watch out for them, to tell them thank you for representing us, even telling me to go run with him. I never did. I never got to watch Rodrigo fight. I grew up watching as Luis would run around the sheep skin factory and out and about the neighborhood off Long Ave. Luis was legit but still to raw to understand the change needed to be success not just in the fight game but life. It happens.

Next came as we know him El Loco. Jose was just like Luis in fighting maybe not as talented but with more heart than a Motts store full of chocolate on Valentine’s day. Jose got his shots and won a few he wasn’t supposed to win while also losing a few he wasn’t supposed to lose. Its happens in boxing. Joel another brother was a tough kid who loved to fight but lacked size to make it past a few pro fights. I followed them. I watched and would give feedback to my dad offering a story to bring him back to days where he lived for working with their dad and older brothers. It brought huge smiles to his face which in return would bring one to mine. And that why I support that’s what I believe. I believe in the ability and the heart of men. Men who dare to live and dream of a life of outside familiar grounds.

Jesse Angel Hernandez was born to fight. He is one of 18. Yes, 18 kids. Back in the day from what I hear of course that was par for the course but in this day at least where I’m from that’s story to see. I don’t remember hearing about Jesse until his 3rd pro fight in 2014 he had had two early fights over 5 years back that I didn’t notice or hear about. But I remember saying wait a minute. That’s a Hernandez brother. Dad. It’s a Hernandez brother. I’ve been a fan ever since.

Since 2014 he has picked up a pace in activity in the pro ranks. Learning the craft of boxing along the way. 3 fights in 2015, 2 fights in 16 set up this year to be a potential breakout year for the 27-year-old. And it has. It started in February with a knockout that was turned into a no contest and B-side role in August against Vladimir Tikhonov a 16-0, Saint Petersburg, Russia native being set up for bigger fights down the road. Well Jesse Angel ruined his night by beating him pillar to post for 5 rounds in a 8 round fight live on the Showtime network. Yeah it was big. Big enough for Hernandez to secure a promotional contract from Salita Promotions a up and coming boxing promotion working out of Detroit after starting in New York as a pro fighter himself. With this win on a large national stage he received the chance to fight on the undercard of Daniel Jacobs vs Luis Arias that was held at the newly refurbished Nassau Coliseum a former fight hub in the mid 70’s for the east coast boxing scene. On that card, Jesse Angel Hernandez (9-1, 7ko) took on Glenn Dezurn (9-0, 6ko) in an 8 round Super Bantamweight Contest. Glenn had come in having fought to spilt decision draw to San Antonio product Adam Lopez by far his best fighting challenge to date. This was basically a 50-50 fight between two fighters that had similar records and maybe similar dreams. Jesse planted his claim as a threat in the division who is working toward big fights with bigger implications down the road.

That’s bring us to January 12th in Verona, New York as he once again steps into the ring on Showtime as the co-main event headlined by the world title bout between Claressa Shields (4-0,2kos) vs Tori Nelson (17-0-3,2kos). In his first 10 round fight Jesse Angel Hernandez (10-1,7kos) takes on Ernesto Garza III (9-2,5kos) that is set at the 122lb. super bantamweight limit. Garza comes in off two straight wins after a televised loss to top prospect Jon Fernandez in February of last year. A solid 29-year-old, a 6-year veteran he will look to upset the up and coming Hernandez brother and set himself back up into contention with a win. Jesse Angel looks to be fighting this fight with a focused and upbeat attitude about what the future holds. If a win comes against Garza look for a quick turn around against a former contender or a ranked prospect within the division. Exposure on a national TV level comes with expectations and Tru Boxing Headz believe he is ready to deliver. So, on a cold fridge night here in the metroplex watch one Fort Worth’s best fighters heat up the ring in what is expected firework lighting fight.

Roberto Montano

Photo courtesy of Samuel Diaz

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Roberto Montano

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    Great read!

  2. Luis January 19, 2018 at 4:17 pm -  Reply

    Very nice bro. Texas is beefing up with fighters.

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