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Our correspondent Damian had the opportunity to interview rising prospect D’Veon Abraham here’s a bit of their conversation.

Damian: Start off by telling us a bit about yourself?

De’Von: Im from Orange County, California. I train out of the Bay Area. I have a Degree in Politcal Science as well.

Damian: Tell me about your amateur career

De’Von I’ve won Numerous amateur Tournaments, I Won the California Golden Gloves and ended my amateur career ranked #4 in the country.

Damian: How difficult was it for you to make the adjustment, from being an amateur to a pro?

De’Von: I was fighting the best as an amateur, and it was an easy adjustment. I’m a big puncher so I can use that to my advantage as a pro, instead of scoring points to win fights. I run everyday and train everyday. I’ve also been sparring with Andy Vences.

Damian: Tell me a bit about your last fight?

De’Von: I’ll give myself a C- performance wise.

Damian: Being that your 26, how active will you try to be at this point in your young career?

De’Von: I’m trying to stay as active as possible, I want to fight once a month if I can. These fights are made to show my skills and I want as many fights as possible.

Damian: Growing Up which fighter did you look up to?

De’Von: Roy Jones Jr, I have a bit of his style as well. I’m a bit flashy with heavy hands.

Damian: When is your next fight?

De’Von: I’ll be fighting February 15th

Damian: How difficult was it to manage school and Boxing?

De’Von: I was a full time Student, had a full time job and was boxing as well. Now that Im done with school, boxing is my main focus, I’m a full time Boxer now.

Damian: In terms of promotion, do you have a promoter?

De’Von: No, I’ve been in talks with a few promoters and I’ll be signing with one soon.

Damian: lastly, what is your goal in Boxing? What do you want to achieve in this sport?

De’Von: I want to become a multi division champ. I’m big for 126, and my goal is to become champion from 126-147.

Q&A By Damian Medina

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