Del Bosque KOs Ramos At Bomb Factory Fight Club

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Written By Roberto Montano

What at first look last night was to be an evening of local fighters stepping into the ring like every other time, it turned into a night of optimism and reassurance. I say that in the role of the fan. Not knowing the card matchups until 72 hrs before the event was to take place. As it is for most fans its tough shelling out bucks for unknowns with unknown opponents. That changed the minute the main event was announced.

Fighting for the Texas Title Belt in the Lightweight division was Cresencio Ramos out of San Antonio (10-1, 4 KOs) and Alexis Del Bosque (13-4, 9 KOs) out of Dallas. Seeing them fight on the last card held in April I knew the potential for a war to break out. And it did. Both fighters came out with faces showing focus and determination. Ramos with the out of town crowd behind him worked early on countering the hard coming Del Bosque. First thing seeing him from ring walk was the look of absolute conviction. He was ready to prove a point and did. As they started the first Ramos a lefty, played the role of boxer going up top and moving in and out landing along the way. But Del Bosque was on a mission from the get go. He was locked in whipping body shots then coming back up top as the countering Ramos would try and come back in. The first round of this was give and take as both where looking to establish their presence by throwing hard and often. The second is started to much of the same while you could see that Del Bosque was landing the heavier, harder body shots that seemed to slow the tough Ramos a bit. Moments after a clinch break by the referee Robert Chapa, you could see del Bosque spin Ramos a bit toward Alexis right hand. And that’s when it came just like that. BOOM a huge whipping right hand from Alexis hurt and wobbled Ramos bad enough to where Ramos retreated back to the ropes, where Del Bosque opened up with 5 to 6 shots forcing the referee to save Cresencio from taking any more punishment. This saved Cresencio to fight another day. Official time for the end of the fight was 2:44 of the second round with Alexis picking up his second Title and momentum toward a bigger fight.

The event undercard turned out to be a very nice compliment to the fight above I just mentioned with Young Texas talent from across the state. Let’s start with the Co-Main event.

James Robinson vs. Joey Alday

Coming from the RoughNeck land of Odessa, Texas the (5-0,5kos) Top Rank Signee Joey Alday faced the Philly native (4-8-4, 1 KOs) James Robinson in a six round contest. Joey was the bigger stronger guy from the get go. Alday pushed the pace from the start mixing and matching shots hunting down Robinson around the ring, dropping him with a flash knockdown in the first. The fight turned after that point with Robinson understanding he was too small and outgunned to go toe to toe with the Young Bull Joey. Alday pushed the pace while moving around the ring picking shots at his rhythm looking to land a hard meaningful punch to take out his opponent. This lasted for 5 rounds until the 6th. This round can be changing point in the way fans and opponents see Joey Alday. While picking apart Robinson and letting down his guard a bit alday got caught with a big right hand that stopped him wobbled his legs. Alday took two steps back, gathered his breath then egged Robinson to bring more on. Robinson tried, was caught coming in to exchange a and dropped hard. The Alday crowd section near me erupted with cheer as Robinson got to his feet the referee stepped in and called the fight at 1:08 of the last and final 6th round.


Raymond Chacon vs. Ray Ximenez

Dallas’s Southpaw featherweight Rey Ximenez (16-1, 4 KOs) and Raymond Chacon (7-23-1) went back at it over six rounds in a fight that was a rematch of last year’s fight between the two. Rey has always had legit top level skills but has had trouble finding fights that would allow him to move up in the ranks. This fight while it kept him busy and helps his record is more prove that he needs to be giving the rightful shot to show the world what he has. He pushed the pace. Gliding in and out, peppering the always tough Chacon for all 6 rounds of the fight. At no point was anyone seriously hurt. Just an engaging fight between to feather fighted pros looking for respect. At the end of 6 rounds the judges’ cards read as followed 60-54 twice and 59-55 for the Dallas native Rey Ximenez. Rey is on the cusp of a big fight, his colorful hair, trunks and personality is something this fight game needs.

Joaquin De la Rosa vs. Arturo Marquez

Top Rank Boxing Welterweight Arturo Marquez (8-0, 5 KOs) out of Houston is trying to make a name for himself. The son of former world champ and Olympian Rafeal Marquez was pitted in against Joaquin De la Rosa (6-2-1, 3 KOs) in a fight that on paper was to be the young Arturo’s hardest fight. Well, he shined. Moving in and out and changing speeds throughout the fight you see what Top Rank sees a fan friendly fighter that is soaking up knowledge with this dad in his corner. Working throughout the fight showing many types of punches and combos he seems to be working on his fight game within the fight picking his power shots until the 5th round where he picked up the pace and landed a series of combinations that forced the ref to stop the fight at :43 of the 5th round. Good looking kid with size that has a fan friendly style be on the lookout for Arturo Marquez.

My fighter of the night came from this fight below.

Jahaziel Vasquez vs. Gabriel Flores Jr

Lightweight Gabriel Flores Jr. (2-0, 2 KOs) out of Stockton, CA is the Youngest figher for Top Rank Boxing to ever sign. Mind you this is a company that has promoted Many Many greats, some in the hall of fame others on the cusp of it. In this fight was pitted against Jahaziel Vasquez (1-5) out of Monterrey, Mexico. While the record is not great the heart on the kid out of Monterrey is something that was noticed and honored by the 17yr old flores. You can see why Top Rank signed the kid from the get go. Mature beyond his age, he has the skills to back it up. Moving forward, pressing the fight while being defensive and understanding of what was coming back toward him. He peppered the tough Vasquez for 3 rounds until the 4th where a very visible issue with Jahaziels right eye caused the doctor and ref to stop the fight at 1:59 of the last and final 4th round.

The opening fight for the night was a fight between to young lightweights.

Joseph Rivera vs. Javier Trevino

Joseph Rivera (5-0, 3 KOs) out of Houston fought Javier Trevino (0-1) out of Monterrey, Mexico to states of the night of fights. Joseph was the bigger stronger kid. He pushed the pace and looked to put down the smaller inexperienced Trevino. Early in the first round a hard shot dropped Tervino who survived to meet the bell. After that round Trevino was defensive and looked dead on his feet at times. Still he made it to the final bell where Rivera picked up the win with all cards showing a 40-35 result.

All in All it was a great night of fights. Progress shown by the Golden Eagle- Montoya-Ruibals Production. Matching young progressing fighters from around Texas while making competitive fights can be and has shown to be a great challenge. They showed me that I should trust in what they are doing and Buy a ticket. Just sit back and enjoy a great night of Pro Boxing.

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