Canelo-Golovkin Los Angeles Press Event Brings Out The Masses

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Thursday June 22nd, 2017-Los Angeles, CA~ The crowd of hundreds of fans gathered outside the Avalon Theater in Hollywood, and the media piled on the red carpet awaiting 2 of the brightest stars in boxing today.  Golden Boy Promotions’ Los Angeles press stop, brought Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Gennady “GGG” Golovkin face to face once again to the delight of the fans.

As the anticipation built, the crowd began chants in support of their fighter.  Every time a car arrived, exploding in cheers and hoping it was one of their chosen ones.  Amongst several celebrities, which included actors Michael Peña, Omar Benson Miller and host of the event Mario Lopez, were a luminary of notable faces in the boxing community.  Media outlets certainly came out in flocks, to cover what is undoubtedly the most anticipated fight of the last few years.  As Bernard Hopkins arrived on the red carpet, the crowd erupted and showed the former World Champion the appreciation and admiration warranted by years of amazing fights and current Legendary Status.

Tom Loeffler and Gennady Golovkin arrived soon after, and it was clear to see that the largely Mexican crowd was divided.  The amount of support for Golovkin was even in his eyes, ” a thing of beauty”.  Conversations certainly arose between media outlets, as to how much the sport of boxing has evolved.  Nationalities seem to be an unimportant factor to consider when supporting a fighter.  That aspect of the fight game, seems to be a refreshing deviation from what seemed to be the norm a few years back.  The fact that fans can now focus on the bigger scope of the sport, and primarily seek out fighters solely based on performance, seems to be a bigger trend.

As we had the opportunity to speak to both Loeffler and Golovkin, we gathered the sense of excitement on their part.  The fight they wanted, the fight the whole boxing world wanted was now a reality.  Golovkin as usual, kept his answers short and vague at times, while Loeffler embellished in the anticipation and expressed his pleasure at the deal having finally been reached.

Oscar De La Hoya made his arrival to the cheers of the fans, making sure to devote time to taking pictures and signing autographs.  Making his way down the red carpet, gracious in speaking to the media and obviously ecstatic about this event coming to fruition.

Canelo’s arrival was the show’s climax, as the fanbase erupted yet again, but amplified by the passion of the fans wearing the Mexican colors in his honor.  The excitement, the anticipation, the love of the sport were all the center pieces for an event of this magnitude.  One thing that was clearly evident, is that Saul “Canelo” Alvarez has become the undisputed face of Mexican Boxing.  But if that holds true, it is also undeniable that Golovkin is one of the most supported Boxers in the world.  Together, they will certainly create a massive event that will shatter expectation.  Regardless of the outcome, this will certainly take the fight game to a whole new proportion and dimension.

As the show moved inside the theater, a screening of the short film “I Am Boxing” produced by Rapper/Actor Ice Cube was introduced.  The Film focused on the history of fights between legendary Middleweights of the past, and built excitement for this new chapter to be added to the book of Middleweight clashes of epic proportion.  The film served as a crescendo to the customary face off to end the night.

The only thing left now is the most important, the preparation.  As both fighters embark on the training camps to the most important fight of each other’s lives, we are left to speculate on who will devise the better plan of attack.  Preparation, Anticipation and Speculation, all seem to be a motto for what will be an epic showdown.  In the end only one will emerge victorious, who will it be?


(Press conference footage and interviews available on our youtube channel @truboxingheadz)


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